ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL: Officers and Councilors



ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL: Officers and Councilors


President: Dr. Robert Fastiggi (2014-2016)
Email: Fastiggi.Robert@shms.edu
Tel. (Office): 313-883-8515

Vice-president: Sr. Danielle Peters (2014-2016)
E-mail: Danielle.M.Peters80@nd.edu a
Tel. (Office): 574-631-5510

Secretary: Fr. Thomas A. Thompson, S.M.
Email: tthompson2@udayton.edu
Tel. (Office): 937-229-4252

Executive Assistant: Cecilia Mushenheim
Email: cmushenheim1@udayton.edu
Tel. (Office): 937-229-4294

Communications: Sr. Donna Maria Moses, O.P.
Email: teknosista@gmail.com

Councilors (elected for 4-year terms)
Councilors serve in three areas of responsibility–Program Office (Sister Danielle Peters and Fr. Thomas Buffer);
Planning Office (Sr. Jean Frisk and Deyanira Flores); Promotion Office (Fr. James Phalan, Dr. Gloria Dodd, and Fr. Fred Miller)

Fr. Frederick L. Miller (2014-2018)
Email: fr_miller@yahoo.com
Tel.(Office): 301-712-8186

Fr. James H. Phalan, C.S.C. (2014-2018)
Email: japhalan@hcfm.org
Tel.(Office): 508-238-4095, ext. 2005
(Mobile): +1 508-801-9598

Sr. M. Jean Frisk (2014-2018)
Email: jfrisk1@udayton.edu
Tel.(Office): 937-229-4254 or 937-229-4213
(Cell): 937-838-2583

Fr. Thomas Buffer (2012-2016)
Email: fatherbuffer@hotmail.com
Tel. 614-272-5206

Dr. Gloria Dodd (2012-2016)
Email: glrdodd@yahoo.com or
Tel. (Office) 937- 229-1431

Dr. Deyanira Flores (2012-2016)
Email: dmflores@racsa.co.cr
Tel. 011-506-2-261-2022




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