Episcopal Moderator

Bishop Joseph Perry, Auxillary Bishop of Chicago

Officers (2-year terms)

President: Patricia A. Sullivan, PhD (2020-2022), Email:

Vice-President: Fr. Edward Looney* (2020-2022), Email:

Councilors (4-year terms)

Program Committee:

Fr. Frederick L. Miller, STD (2018-2022), Email:

Robert Fastiggi, PhD (2020-2024), Email:

Planning Committee:

Fr. Dwight Campbell, STD (2020-2024), Email:

Sharon Perkins (2018-2022) Email:

Promotion Committee:

Danielle Peters, STD (2018-2022)

Catherine O’Brien (2022-2024), Email:

Nominating Committee (2018-2022):

Fr. Dwight Campbell, STD, Email:

 Fr. James McCurry, OFMConv 

Patricia A. Sullivan, PhD, Email:

Awards Committee (2018-2022):

Cardinal Wright Mariological Award and the Marian Pastoral Award: Dr. Robert Fastiggi, Fr. Frederick Miller; Fr. Thomas A. Thompson, SM

The Arthur W. Clinton, Jr., Scholarships and Awards Committee: Fr. Thomas A.Thompson, SM; Fr. Johann G. Roten, SM; Mr. Randal E. Ferguson [First Western Securities; Financial agent for Clinton funds]; Gloria Dodd, STD; Cecilia Mushenheim [Asst. to the MSA Secretary and MSA Administration]

The Editorial Committee for Marian Studies (2018-2022):

Fr. Thomas A. Thompson, SM (Editor); Fr. Fred Miller, STD; Robert Fastiggi, PhD

Ex-officio Members of the Administrative Council (Included as an auditor at MSA Council meetings and copied in email correspondence, but does not have voting privileges):

Secretary: Gloria Falcao Dodd, STD, Email:

Treasurer:  Sharon Perkins, Email:

*MSA webmaster starting August 1, 2018