Marian Studies is the journal–the proceedings of the annual national meeting–of the Mariological Society of America. The Mariological Society of America (MSA) is a Catholic theological association dedicated to studying and making known the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the mystery of Christ and the Church and in the history of salvation. Through its annual meeting and its publication, Marian Studies, the Society seeks to promote original research in Marian doctrine and devotion. The table of contents for each issue is also available on the MSA resources section of the Mary Page of the Marian Library at University of Dayton.


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Volumes Awaiting Publication


Volume 75 (2024): Mary at the Second Vatican Council
Volume 74 (2023): Collection of Mary Masses: Ordinary Time
Volume 73 (2022): Collection of Mary: Special Seasons
Volume 72 (2021): Mary and the Word of God
Volume 71 (2020):  The Person of Mary: Her Cultural and Anthropological Dimensions
Volume 70 (2019): The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Call to Holiness
Volume 69 (2018): The Blessed Virgin’s Relationship to the Sacraments of Healing and Christian Vocation



Volumes Available on E-Commons (Click Volume to be directed to page)


Volume 68 (2017): The Blessed Virgin’s Relationship to the Sacraments of Christian Initiation

Volume 67 (2016): Devotion to the Heart of Mary: Theological Foundations


Volume 66 (2015): Mary and Holy Families Living Today


Volume 65 (2014):  Forty Years after ‘Marialis Cultus’: Retrieval or Renewal?


Volume 64 (2013): Mary and the New Evangelization


Volume 63 (2012): The Virgin Mary in the United States and Canada Part 2: Since 1900


Volume 62 (2011): The Virgin Mary in the United States and Canada, Part 1: Until 1900


Volume 61 (2010): Mary and Scripture Since Vatican II


Volume 60 (2009):  Telling Mary’s Story: The “Life of Mary” Through the Ages


Volume 59 (2008): The Cooperation of the Virgin Mary in Redemption


Volume 58 (2007): The Virginity of Mary


Volume 57 (2006): Theotokos: Mother of All People


Volume 56 (2005): Mary, Eschatological Icon of the Church


Volume 55 (2004): The Immaculate Conception: Calling and Destiny


Volume 54 (2003): The Marian Dimension of Christian Spirituality, III. The 19th and 20th *Centuries


Volume 53 (2002): The Marian Dimension of the Christian Life: II. The Middle Period


Volume 52 (2001): The Marian Dimension of Christian Spirituality, Historical Perspectives, I. The Early Period


Volume 51 (2000): With the Mother of the Lord: On Pilgrimage to the New Millennium


Volume 50 (1999): Magnificat: Remembrance and Praise


Volume 49 (1998):The Virgin Mary in Art


Volume 48 (1997): The Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Icon of the Church, Intercessor: Ecumenical Perspectives


Volume 47 (1996): Marian Spirituality and the Interreligious Dialogue


Volume 46 (1995): Faith, Mary, and Culture


Volume 45 (1994): Mary and Religious Education


Volume 44 (1993): Mary and Popular Marian Devotion


Volume 43 (1992): Mary in Ordinary Time


Volume 42 (1991): Mary in the Lent and Easter Seasons


Volume 41 (1990): Mary and the Mysteries of Christ: Advent to the Baptism of the Lord


Volume 40 (1989): Mary and Liturgy


Volume 39 (1988): Mary and the Writings of Pope John Paul II


Volume 38 (1987): Missionary Marian Theology


Volume 37 (1986): Mary and Lumen Gentium


Volume 36 (1985): Moral Principles, Berulle, and Kolbe


Volume 35 (1984): Biblical Exegesis and Marian Devotion


Volume 34 (1983): Guadalupe, Eucharist, and Theology of the Body


Volume 33 (1982): Marian Dogmas in Perspective


Volume 32 (1981): Marian Christology


Volume 31 (1980): Von Balthasar, Paul VI, and Impar


Volume 30 (1979): Miscellaneous Marian Topics


Volume 29 (1978): Mary: Scripture, Patristics, and Contemporary Thoughts


Volume 28 (1977): Mary in Christian Theology


Volume 27 (1976): Mary and the Hierarchy of Truths


Volume 26 (1975): Mary and Ecumenism


Volume 25 (1974): Mary and Salvation


Volume 24 (1973): Mary and the Virgin Birth


Volume 23 (1972): Mariological Interest and Marian Pneumatology 


Volume 22 (1971): Mary and the Life of the Church


Volume 21 (1970): Mary and Virginity; Mary and Luther


Volume 20 (1969): Mary: Model for the World


Volume 19 (1968): Mary and Liturgy


Volume 18 (1967): Mary and the People of God


Volume 17 (1966): Various Topics: Mater Ecclesia, Incarnation, Eschatology, and Sacramental


Volume 16 (1965): Mary and Salvation History: The Problem of Sin


Volume 15 (1964): Various Considerations on Mariology- Ecumenism, Psychology, Spiritual


Volume 14 (1963): The Holiness of Mary


Volume 13 (1962): The Theology of Virginity


Volume 12 (1961): The Protoevangelium and Mary


Volume 11 (1960): Exegesis on Marian Biblical Passages


Volume 10 (1959): Fundamental Principles of Mariology


Volume 9 (1958): Mary and the Church


Volume 8 (1957): The End of Mary’s Life


Volume 7 (1956): The Virginity of Mary


Volume 6 (1955): Mary’s Divine Maternity


Volume 5 (1954): Theology of the Immaculate Conception


Volume 4 (1953): The Queenship of Mary


Volume 3 (1952): Mary’s Spiritual Maternity


Volume 2 (1951): Marian Co-Redemption