Marian Studies is the journal–the proceedings of the annual national meeting–of the Mariological Society of America. The Mariological Society of America (MSA) is a Catholic theological association dedicated to studying and making known the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the mystery of Christ and the Church and in the history of salvation. Through its annual meeting and its publication, Marian Studies, the Society seeks to promote original research in Marian doctrine and devotion. The table of contents for each issue is also available on the MSA resources section of the Mary Page of the Marian Library at University of Dayton.

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29: 1978. Mother of Unity; BVM & contemporary challenges; NT roots to the Theotokos; patristic writers on New Eve.
30: 1979. Mary’s preservative redemption; Mariology of N. Cabasilas; critique of Marian counterfactual formulae.
31: 1980. Mary in Hans Urs von Balthasar; Marian devotion of Paul VI; Mary’s Virginity and Church on chastity.
32: 1981. Mary in NT Christologies; Mary’s intercession–a reappraisal; Marian devotion in sixteenth-century Latin America.
35: 1984. Mary and recent ecclesiology; Mary as model of Ecclesia orans; BVM in faith, revelation, devotion; St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort.
38: 1987. Mary in Latin American liberation theologies; the Magnificat; Mary and missions today; BVM and seventeenth-century Anglican divines.
39: 1988. Marian devotion of John Paul II; ecumenical aspects of Redemptoris Mater; Mary and women in light of RM.
40: 1989. Mary and the Trinity in the Liturgical Year; BVM in Liturgy, 1963-88; Mary in Liturgy of the Hours; Marian devotions in and beyond Marialis cultus.
41: 1990. Newman on BVM and Christian unity; Mary in the Mysteries of Christ: Advent to Baptism of the Lord
42: 1991. J. B. Carol [d. 1 April 1990]; Custos redemptoris [John Paul II on St. Joseph]; Mary in the Mysteries of Christ: Lent and Easter Season
43: 1992. O. L. of Guadalupe as evangelizer; Fr. J. B. Carol’s Mariology and scholarly achievements; Mary in the Mysteries of Christ: Ordinary Time
44: 1993. Mary and Popular Devotion: Revelation, Marian devotion, and Popular Piety in Conversation; discerning the miraculous; Fatima after seventy-five years; O. L. of Guadalupe
45: 1994. Mary and Religious Education: BVM in the new Catechism, in the formation of Christians, in the catechetical movement; Marian images in popular devotion, in hymnody; two surveys: Mary and youth, teaching on mariology.
46: 1995. Faith, Mary, Culture: Jewish background to life of the BVM; images of Mary in popular American periodicals, 1900-60; significance of the discipleship of Mary for Asian-Americans; Mary in Latin American culture in the U.S.
47: 1996. Marian Spirituality and the Interreligious Dialogue: the Millennium (woman, Son, fullness of time); symbols, world religion, and the NT figure of Mary; Mary in the breadth and scope of the interreligious dialogue; Maria-Kannon (Mary in Buddhist guise); Mary’s maternal love in Hindu devotionalism; sources for the Marian references in the Qur’an; influence of the BVM on Christian and world cultures.
48: 1997. The Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Icon of the Church, Intercessor: Ecumenical Perspectives: Conversion and ecumenism; Toward the Great Jubilee 2000: Mary and Christian Unity; Mary: intercessor, one with us, witness and model; BVM and the Baroque Image; Ecumenical portrait of Mary in today’s America; Ecumenical perspectives on “Ut unum sint.”
49: 1998. The Virgin Mary in Art.
50: 1999. Magnificat: Remembrance and Praise–The Mariological Society of America 1949-1999 (Fiftieth anniversary issue).
51: 2000. With the Mother of the Lord, on Pilgrimage to the New Millennium.
52: 2001. The Marian Dimension of Christian Spirituality: Historical Perspectives I. The Early Period.
53: 2002. The Marian Dimension of the Christian Life II. The Middle Period.
54: 2003. The Marian Dimension of Christian Spirituality: III. The nineteenth and twentieth Centuries.
55: 2004. The Immaculate Conception: Calling and Destiny.
56: 2005. Mary, Eschatalogical Icon of the Church.
57: 2006. Theotokos, Mother of All People.
58: 2007. The Virginity of Mary.
59: 2008. The Cooperation of the Virgin Mary in Redemption
60: 2009. Telling Mary’s Story: The ‘Life of Mary’ through the Ages
61: 2010. Mary in Scripture since Vatican II.
62: 2011. Mary in the United States and Canada Part I (prior to 1900)
63: 2012. Mary in the United States and Canada Part II (since 1900)
64: 2013. Mary and the New Evangelization
65: 2014. Forty Years after Marialis Cultus: Retrieval or Renewal?
Starting with Volume 65 (2014), Marian Studies became a fully electronic, open-access publication;. Current and past issues are freely available online. Volumes still in preparation include the following:
66: 2015: Mary and Holy Families Living Today
67: 2016: Devotion to the Heart of Mary: Theological Foundations
68: 2017: The Blessed Virgin’s Relationship to the Sacraments of Christian Initiation
69: 2018: The Blessed Virgin’s Relationship to the Sacraments of Healing and Christian Vocation